Whether you believe it or not, time moment of time we were born in this world, our fate has been sealed. It doesn’t mean we will not have any free will, but it means a big part of our destiny is already formed. A natal chart reading may seem the most basic thing in the world in the field of astrology, but it’s actually the most important thing which is why it has always been recommended to get an astrologer to do a natal chart reading for you at least, once in your life time. Not only it is an eye-opening experience, but you will find that everything just make sense. Above all else, your natal chart is the “promise” of what is supposed to be given to you the moment you came into this world. This is also why it’s easy to see what brings one success, misery and downfall just by looking at one’s chart – there are a lot of things that can be advised for a person to go into a direction of their life that can lead them to success as well.

Natal Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Price: $80.00

This is a pre-recorded video reading (1 to 2 hours)

A live consultations are a per hour basis, only avail in MNL, PH.

Delivery time varies depending on the booking, but usually within 7 days.

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Natal Chart Astrology Reading (also called as Natal Chart Reading or Birth Chart Reading) gives you the study and analysis of your birth chart providing you the information of ones own blueprint and promise in life. This includes a person’s character traits, psychological portraits, personal life, profession, marriage capabilities, children, health and finances orientation.


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Your Birth of Date
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Your will also get your very own copy of your Babylonian Chart as depicted exactly in the sky (which isn’t available anywhere else, unless you purchase a $400 program by Rumen Kolev who’s a world known astrologer, other astrologers sells this for at least $150 for this specific chart visual alone.)


No refund once the reading has been sent to you. The only time you may request a refund is when you the delivery date reached its limit and you still have not received your reading. Please contact me for any follow-up if you don't receive anything.