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Hi. In this page, I share other ritual services that are available to be purchased, though, please do know that this page is usually unavailable to the public, if you have been sent to this page... would mean you are one of the people who has been my personal client for a long time that I know I can trust and entrust you not to share this link to others. I honestly do not like to put to public most of the rituals that I do as this can be used by other workers to "copy and scam people" which is something I am trying my best to avoid (even though I have already known that a lot of workers have been using my services and products and copying it to use it for clout for their own purposes which is something I cannot control anymore). 

It is also for clients safety - your safety. Do know whatever you purchase in this page is your own confidentiality as well. Also, one of the main reasons is that there are rituals here that I do not want others to know that can be done and I believe it is best to let it be known by minimal people as much as possible. However, I am aware that I do have clients who always wants to purchase it, so I am also making this a page for those clients to just check out their ritual requests, etc.  

Again, it is on Paypal but you can always pay through Gcash or Paymaya or Bank Deposit (as per usual). Thank you!


Road Opening Candle Ritual
₱ 3500.00 PHP | 63.00 USD

Money and Success Candle Ritual

₱3500.00 PHP | 63.00 USD

Healing and Cleansing Candle Ritual

₱ 2700.00 PHP | 49.00 USD

Come to Me Love Ritual
₱ 3500.00 PHP |
63.00 USD

Love Me Binding and Commitment Ritual

₱ 5500.00 PHP | $ 99.00 

Lover Return Candle Ritual

₱ 4500.00 PHP |
$ 81.00 

ing and Protection Candle Ritual (removes evil eye, hex, curses, and gives protection)
₱ 55
00.00 PHP | $ 99.00 

New Lover Candle Ritual
₱ 3300.00 PHP | $ 60.00 

Saint's Conjure for a Very Strong Love Work
(this working is not a one time work, will be done in 9 consecutive days - typically used to bring back a love that has gone down and lost or bring passion that was lost, etc.)
₱ 11200.00 PHP | $ 200.00 


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Please note that Krissy only do "justified cases" only, yet we should all know that a negative work is still a negative work.

Please know that whenever you ask someone to do a work for you, spirit will always know that "you" are the one who wanted to get the work done. While the worker is the one who does the job, you will be required to still do some prayer work, cleansing and uncrossing to ensure no negative energy attaches to you. If you force yourself in a negative work and things are not justified, any other circumstances that arises from that is not within the workers control anymore. Any time you ask a negative work done for you, please know any adverse effects that comes with it is something the worker is not liable anymore Also, if Krissy says "no" - please do not be forceful with it, because it is not the worker who gets a negative impact from it but the person who ask to get it done. If you are not even willing to do any form of prayer and cleansing after the work, please do not ever even ask or attempt this at all - for your own sake. Please think carefully before purchasing. No refunds will be given regardless of the reasons - the same goes to all kinds of rituals purchased.

Bind Someone Conjure Work
(to bind someone from hurting you and causing you negative influences, this work can also punish someone from what they have done towards you added to the mix but the main focus of this is self-defense and a protection to yourself so that person can't harm you.)
₱ 7000.00 PHP | $ 126.00 

Justified - Drowning in Regret Working
(only for justified workings - make them feel and regret the bad choices they have committed towards you)
8000.00 PHP | $ 144.00 

Ruin their Finances Working
(make their finances stagnate and unable to get ahead in life no matter the efforts)
8500.00 PHP | $ 153.00 

Break Up Two People Working Conjure
(to break up two people and make them not see things eye to eye)
₱ 76
00.00 PHP | $ 137.00 

Mind Working 
₱ 50
00.00 PHP | $ 90.00 

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Reiki Distant Healing
(includes body scanning and overall reiki healing, highly recommended at least once a month or every week if you want to see continuous and see the results in a really powerful manner.)
₱ 2500.00 PHP | $ 45.00 

Chakra Enforcing Reiki Candle Ritual

(very recommended for people who have very weak chakra who easily falls back after healing, still ends up in a pattern of lower energy attachment, sometimes enforcing is highly recommended - this service is one purchase for one chakra only)

₱ 5000.00 PHP | $ 90.00 

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Paypal can also accept credit cards without any form of registration.
If you would like to pay manually - please contact us for details on this procedure, thank you!

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