November 2019 – Structure in Relationships!

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn gives focus and attention to relationship structure and order in a very powerful, strict and very disciplined way.
This can be especially intense when things are out of balanced because the drive to always fight for what is right and fair is VERY STRONG!

Mars (action) in Libra (harmony, love and beauty) is very refined and graceful. It’s doesn’t act upon impulse like how Mars usually function, when it’s in Aries or Scorpio. It can be quite passive, but when triggered and opposed, it will lash out like a tiger!
With the square to Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) in Capricorn (order, structure and determination), this gives highlight in following through to what has already been discussed and planned – no leeway, no adjustments!
It is unavoidable that we experienced confrontations and arguments with people around us. It can be stressful and some may find it a bit toxic, but this actually has an element of productivity to it, simply because it makes us face situations head on – no beating around the bush, no fluff, no hiding or manipulation involved.

Mars in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

The energy also gives power to our inner desires and urges within us. Our willpower becomes strong, but always with a sense of purpose.
Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn in a nutshell is… there is always a reason to the action and decision we take no matter how powerful, drastic and intense it may be.
The common situations here is that… when things are smooth sailing, it can feel really good and harmonious but when things are met with sudden changes and unbalanced situations, the energy can be so strong as if there is war taking place.
It can be scary, stressful and frustrating… but when you take another look on things, you will find that the things that are happening in your life is fairly acceptable. In this harsh, modern world and society we live in today… you will find that these events that could and will take place, are ones that are – just, and the right thing to do.
When you think of it that way, you can never tell yourself that the world is an unfair place to be in, because this alignment will correct things and bring things into balance as it once were before.
It is a matter of… are you in a place of righteousness or are you in a place of malicious manipulation and delusion?
There is nothing to fear when you can be proud with the things you have done and the things you still do, especially if you are coming in a place of righteousness and integrity. However, if you have been doing secretive, manipulative and immoral practices in different aspects of your life, then this could be a time where you might have to face the karma and consequences from the things you have done in the past and still do… in the present.
This energy easily relates to power struggle, but know that, there is nothing to be afraid of because, justice is definitely going to be served and we will see the influences of this energy all around us.
My favorite thing about this alignment is how you can make things happen. You can make it work, there is determination and willpower to succeed. You can build something, you can create and re-create things. Let us not forget that Capricorn values tradition, history and things of the past… what was once clogged and blocked off before, may find itself unclogged through overcoming things and persistence to pushing through achieving what we want to happen and manifest in the world which can lead to a very happy and fulfilling outcome for eveyone involved.
So… this alignment isn’t really bad, it had its good side to it, but it does take some hard work and a dose of experience to make everything a happy ending.

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