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This Love Magick Prayer Casting ritual is only done for the purpose of love and relationships. I usually use this for soulmate relationships and twin flame connections to help and heal them, removing blockages and helping them to reunite.

The results and its manifestation will vary, some will take time and some can be immediate. Please know that while reuniting and healing love and relationship matters can occur, the crucial thing is about maintaining them and keeping them (your person, your relationship) in your life. As failing to do that, does defeat the purpose of the help and opportunity given and bestowed to you by the divine. 

Learn not to repeat the past and have a more solid chance to have a better and brand new future with them once again. If you are ready with that mindset, then... this might just be the casting you need for your situation!

Note: This can also be used for other types of request for a more stronger effect. Do contact me if that is what you need.

Love Magick Prayer Spell Casting

Price: $110.00

The timing of working on love magick only occurs on specific timing, but once a date has been chosen, it will take 7 days before the completion of the love magick prayer work. 

Please know I do not accept every love magick work casting request, you will need to contact me first if your situation can be resolved and helped using this method. This is usually recommended for soulmate and twin flame relationships, that allows healing and reuniting back together.

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As with all forms of magick and rituals, the main purpose is to bring love, happiness and attain things in life that bring us equilibrium. It only becomes different, depending on the intent and hidden purpose of the person who is requesting the work. 

This Love Magick Prayer Spell Casting uses a different method of ritual, making it more powerful and effective. There will be specific material used, along with oils, herbs, and candle work, however, the difference is within the method and the focus and concentration I will need to put and give for this love magick ritual to really work.


It does take a huge amount of energy and time - so, I can only work on one client at a time. Please contact me for my availability on this matter, if there are prior bookings, yours will be done at a later date.

Additional Details Required for this Reading:

Your Name
Your Birth of Date (optional, not needed but it helps in channeling)
Issue of Concern (please be detailed and specific - this is important)

Photos and details of the other person is also needed.

Once you have sent the payment, please fill up the order details form here: click this.


There is no refund with this time of work. All the payment for this procedure goes through the important materials involved and required for the casting and the energy I use for this magick ritual. You will receive an email, once I have started and finished it.

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