Sometimes, all you need is to find that one person who can help and guide you.

I am here for you. All you need is to ask and you shall receive, says the Lord. 

Without judgement, a friend, & one who looks at the stars and give sound answers and clarity which you seek.

You can call me, Krissy and I am here to help and be of service to you!


“Thank you so much! UPDATE: She was the only person here that predicted exactly what would happen. She said he was already over the fight and he would even apologize and try to make up with me. I didn't believe her at first because it was such a bad fight but amazingly, she was right on! He came home and said sorry!!!!” - Hanh

Services Available:

Moon Gazing

Astrology & Intuitive Readings

Astrology is the study of the stars and how this affects humans and events that occurs in the earth plane. You can book astrology readings for yourself, matters of relations, elections for auspicious projects or you can always book an intuitive reading, which is done and also can be known as a psychic reading - each readings vary and it all aids to help you learn more about yourself, your path, finding solutions to problems and obstacles that you are facing in your life.


Magick Shop / Good & Curios

If you are looking for metaphysical or spiritual goods, you may like our collections as we offer tried and tested lucky charms (handmade) / blessed and empowered for your purpose. We also have personal blend of spiritual oils, incense, loaded candles, ritualized products, powders which all can aid you in things you need in desire - may it be for luck, love, wealth, protections & success! They all help you in the manifestation of your desires! 

Candle Burning Ritual

Rootwork & Prayer Services

Krissy also offers various types of candle working services, all varies and can be customized for your own needs. Setting up lights for your cause and putting petitions for your needs are act of prayer workings, energy healing and folk magic. Most of the workings are also using a lot of the magical oils, traditional methods and workings all apply from ancient teachings of the past for healing, cleansing, protection, wealth or love drawing and fixing troubles!