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Please know that you can only choose 1, if you only purchased for one order - either a Cord Cutting or Healing Prayer Magick. 

If you would like to get them both, you'll need to purchased 2 orders. Kindly read the description first, before purchasing it.

This is a safe and healing prayer work, it doesn't involve putting anyone in harm and it's really all about energy work and healing various situation. I personally use this whenever needed, it is like an act of prayer but seeking the help of the collective and divine and mother earth energies. It does not involved anything complicated, so if a situation seems complicated, one casting may not be enough and you may need to request again at a later time.


However, there are many cases that this type of magick work has provided miracles for various people, especially those that have undertaken their cord cutting as well.

Please know that while the situation is being worked on, it is also very crucial and important that "you" as the seeker and one that request the work has been healed and open for the opportunity to manifest things in your material life.

Cord Cutting / Healing Prayer Magick

Price: $45.00

The timing how this is casted varies depending on the circumstances required for the situation, the right timing also is taken to consideration. Once you have made a payment, you will need to contact me for details and information. I will tell you when will be the right time to do this work for your confirmation. Once it has been done, I will send you an e-mail along with any information I may have gathered. Sometimes, when there are no issues, I will just say it as it is.

Please know that this casting is not casted in the same manner, you will have to choose only one - whether it is a cord cutting or prayer magick. If you require both of them to be done (which is recommended in some cases) for a fresh and clean energy work, you will need to purchase (2) orders.

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This is a Healing Prayer Magick and its main purpose is for healing, protection, bringing back love, smoothing out a situation and attracting a form of intention for its boost of manifestation. This ritual is done using candles, herbs, meditation and offering a prayer on my part depending on the situation the person requesting is going through.


The themes I accept for this request are things related to love, personal healing, banishing of negative and toxic happenings, protection and bringing opportunities for prosperity and luck. Some rituals require more complicated procedure, feel free to contact me if you have a specific and we'll see if I can work with your issue & request.

Cord Cutting is an energy work that is similar to cleansing or banishing. It is helpful to get a cord cutting once in awhile, to remove any blockages, negative feelings, energy and attachment you may have with a situation or especially on specific individuals. This is also very helpful in relationships, soulmates and twin flames at it helps clear the air making it easy for some union and reuniting. This is also good for removing any psychic attack and gives you protection from it after the cord cutting has been done.

Additional Details Required for this Reading:

Your Name
Your Birth of Date (optional, not needed but it helps in channeling)
Issue of Concern (please be detailed and specific - this is important)

(if this involves another person, their details is needed, if no access - photos will do.)

Once you have sent the payment, please fill up the order details form here: click this.


There is no refund with this time of work. All the payment for this procedure goes through the important materials involved and required for the casting and the energy I use for this magick ritual. You will receive an email, once I have started and finished it.

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