Psychic and Intuitive Readings: Divinations & Fortune Telling

Please be reminded that the readings you will come across will be predictive, make sure before you pay for your order that you are open to learn and find out the truth. While I do my best to help deliver the words I say, there are no sugar coating with the messages you will hear from me as I believe that sometimes, saying what the client what's to hear never helps them in the long run. I am here to help, show you a path towards the truth... if you come to seek answers from me, I will deliver. 


1 Question Cartomancy Email Reading

Ask me one question that you know you'll get an answer soon - to see if the prediction comes true or not. Always a go-to!

Intuitive Psychic

3 Question Intuitive

Heart Email Reading

This reading uses various tools to look into a situation to get all the information needed and prediction on your concern.

Intuitive Psychic

5 Question Intuitive 

Heart Email Reading

This reading uses various tools to look into a situation to get all the information needed and prediction on your concern.


3 Question Cartomancy Email Reading

You can ask me 3 questions regarding any aspects of life, that can be answered in a near future event for predictions.

Intuitive Psychic

[Re-Cast] Method Predictive Reading

This is a re-cast method I specifically used when a client requires to have a reading with high accuracy prediction.

Tarot Reading

Celtic Monthly Forecast Monthly Tarot Reading

This is quite similar with how I do my monthly youtube readings, the only difference is... it is done specifically for your month.


Grand Tableau Lenormand Reading

Grand Tableau Lenormand is the most well-known French "big picture" technique when it comes to forecasting events using Lenormand.

It uses all the 36 cards of a Lenormand deck to provide an overview to the client or querent's life in all aspects of things. It is also possible to only look at certain themes they want to tackle. These are time based usually for 6 to 12 months, but has a short version of 3 to 5 months as well.

3 to 5 months

6 to 12 months

Astrology Readings & Consultations: Your Fate & Destiny

Astrology is a big factor that change the course of my life, even when I have been known doing my forecast and prediction readings from fortune telling, astrology readings are ones I recommend for anyone to do - even once in their life time. Looking into the future may tell you what the future holds, but in astrology - you get so much more information that one would wish they knew before in order to not have wasted much of their time. This not just about understand yourself, the other person nor things to occur on the collective level... it is about being able to be the better version of you and know that while there are things that are inevitable, there are also things we can do to alter things... only if we knew the information.

Note: When taking astrology readings, please do know that it is important that you know or have a copy of your exact birth time, date and location. If that is not correct, the reading may not exactly be pin-point correct, I suggest you do a chart rectification first to make sure, or at least try to find your birth time information details either in the hospital you were born or in your NBI clearance and government files (they usually have copies there). There are also some astrology readings that does not require any birth details - that is horary chart, one question astrology reading has an option to not give your birth details also, and an electional astrology reading in forecasting auspicious time to make important events for success, etc.


1 Question - Astrology Reading Consultation

If you just want an immediate answer regarding your astrology chart and want to know what is going on - this might be for you!


Natal / Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Let us take a look on your personal blueprint and we will figure out who you are and what is written in the stars for you.


Solar Return Chart Astrology Reading

This is an old technique but a goodie, it tells us what the year is going to be for us: themes and influences - always happens!

Moon Gazing

Your Horary Chart Astrology Reading

This is a very ancient technique that used for divinatory purposes in finding answers & finding out lost items, etc.

Astonomical Clock

Relationship Astrology

Packaged Reading

When it comes to love, it's more than just synastry and compatibility. I offer this to you, I'm sure you won't regret it!

Astronomical Clock

Electional Astrology

(for auspicious events)

Elections are for finding dates and time to begin a certain venture, to make sure it leads to success & great fortune to you!


Hoodoo, Rootwork, Energy, Sigils, Magick, Prayers & Rituals

I have been a practitioner of the craft since way back, ventured in various practices, until I have finally found where I thrive, which is on rootwork. It is the most honest, straight to the point practice without much issues that are tied with it. While I do practice the craft, I didn't really ventured to any spirits conjurations - so please, if you need something of that need, you might need to find a different person to do the work for you. I do safe magick, not only for me but for the people I work with as well. Most of my ingredients activates the natural magick properties to have a most natural effect - I am a herbalist, after all. If needed, I also do bending & mental work for domination at times, but I won't be posting it here. If you choose to have a need for it, you may send in a request and we will see what we can do. I do not accept every magick working, as I believe it is not for everyone. The ones I am putting up here are ones that I know that can be used whenever one needs it. Magick is a neutral thing, it isn't good nor bad... it simply depends on the intention. As much as possible, I pour a lot of love and care to each work that I do. The only time I do anything that goes beyond that is when I believe there is a need. I am not really open to harming magick, however you can request a consultation for me to teach how you can work one by yourself. 

Candle Magick

Candle Magick for Love, Money or Protection

Everyone deserves happiness, petition it for manifestation with a good old, candle magick to bring & draw in things to you!


Road Opening Rootwork for Removing Blockages

A road opening is always a must, especially when it's stagnant. Let's remove those blocks and finally open that path for you!

Energy Healing

Cord Cutting Energy Working for Healing

Did you know that we need to do a cord cutting routinely to remove those toxic energies that ruins our relationships?

Sigil Magick

A Sigil Magick

(custom made for you)

If you just can't make an effective sigil magick, you can request one that I will personally work on and send it to you!

Laptop and Plant

Magick Working Consultations

Sometimes, blindly asking for working will not be much effective. We need to find out the source to know what to do.

Moon Rituals

New Moon / Full Moon

Manifestation Ritual

If you want to have a working on a new moon or full moon, this is for you - always good for manifestation of  your wishes!