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Answer to One Specific Question: detailed explanation & analysis!

$25.00 USD

*** This can either be written out via email or have it recorded on a video. If no request made, it will be sent through your e-mail.

*** Delivery Time is usually within 1 to 3 days.

If you don't need a full-blown consultation, but still seeking answers astrologically, this would be a good one to take and I purposely lowered the price for people who are in a budget, but still need some guidance and help. For this reading, Krissy will be able to answer your question with great detail and analysis based on your question and concern - it may have to do with the transits or a certain area of your life in your birth chart that you need clarity and understanding on. It can be regarding anything you like as long as it is clear that we are only going to look at one horoscope, or natal chart. 

It can be your own chart, or a chart of another person - it will be up to you. You can also request a horary chart analysis for this, too. (Horary is a divination method in astrology for asking questions that seeks a future outcome or for understanding how things are at the moment. It is commonly used in looking for lost items, love life and business concerns.


Once you have decided to order and pay for this, please include your birth details, such as the time of birth, and place are born - in the contact form of this website, or you can also choose to fill up the form here: click here.

Include your question and what you would like to have answered, along with a description of your current situation. Again, if you choose to have a horary reading - no birth details are needed, but it will only be a horary chart reading and if you choose to have a look on your own chart - only one chart is allowed for this horoscope. In case you require to have Krissy take a look with more than one chart, you may need to order another one for this request. 


No refund once the reading has been sent to you. The only time you may request a refund is when you the delivery date reached its limit and you still have not received your reading. Please contact me for any follow-up if you don't receive anything.

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