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Hi, My Name is Aisha Kristine!


I am an Asian Filipino-Chinese Astrologer and Intuitive Empath who has been doing these professional readings since 2011 (using my psychic alias back then as "Heart Divine" - that's the reason why some people tend to call me "Heart"), graduated in BA of Marketing. I specialize in doing heart to heart love readings, with my prediction fortune telling style of divination which I have studied, practiced and enhanced over the years. While I have also been doing astrology readings back then, it was only during 2019 that I made it as a real profession as I believe that I know have the enough knowledge, experienced and capacity to be actually known as an actual astrologer.

My method in astrology is mixed with both Modern and Traditional Astrology as I make application using my intuition and astrological thinking combined in my work and readings, which always work with my clientele's readings.

Doing astrology and intuitive readings has always been a profound, special and enlightening journey for me. It has made me realized how much gaining knowledge and information on a subject matter becomes crucial and very important to a person's life, especially in the matters of the heart and people's emotional well-being. Nothing makes me happier than when I receive a message from a previous client or someone letting me know about how the reading manifested for them, whenever it came true, whenever the advice  and work that I do helped improve the situation, etc. Most importantly, how much healing and upliftment it gave people who are troubled with their life and complicated relationships. It gave me so much joy, to a point... I really told myself, this is really something I want to do for the rest of my life - to help, serve and be the person who helped them achieved their own happiness, dreams and goals in life. To work in the field of spirituality and mysticism can be tricky, some can create shady news on its craft and industry, some will not be open to the idea and information that comes - bringing a lot of unjust judgement with the work that we do. I believe every authentic readers and astrologers have experienced this one way or another in their life, but the idea that you are actually making a difference in people's lives and how you are able to help them in the process because of the work you do... it is truly addicting and satisfying. I could never get enough of it. Sometimes, I do not even see it as if I am working at all anymore... I am having fun, knowing a lot of people from different parts of the world, and helping them in their journey! It makes me just say it every time - I love what I do and I enjoy every little pieces of it! This is truly my calling!

Places I have worked in the past: Bitwine, Oranum, Fiverr, Psychics Live, Live Person and Answers Online.

M Y   M I S S I O N 

My goal and mission in this journey is to help people gain insight and clarity into their specific concern and situation, so they can be prepared on what might come, what opportunities or challenges that might present itself, so they will know what action should be taken that is more effective and beneficial for their own life's journey. It is not just to help give information on the possible outcome and future, but to help them understand their own self and understand the people involved which in turn opens a path in bringing harmony and understanding to various situations in one's life.

Some of my Client Reviews & Feedbacks:

"She’s the best there is. Doesn’t ask for any info other than names and goes straight to the reading.. she picked up on the situation so accurately that only a real genuine psychic would be able to do that. She speaks fluent English, types super fast and gives you ton of details.. Best reading thus far!"

"Excellent.. her prediction on him contacting me came true in June. Waiting for 2nd prediction to come true in jul ! Am glad to talk to her. its like talking to old friend. She knows everything and thats amazing and she pickup things immediately!"

"Heart always picks up SO quickly on the situation and gives the information that is needed to determine how to proceed. She’s a wonderful psychic and talented energy healer as I can attest to after getting a healing by her – things have changed a lot for the better! Thank you! Give her a try!"

"One of her predictions came to pass and she gave me advice on what to do next. always nice to talk to!"

"The first time i’ve been caught off guard by how much someone could understand the dynamics of my complex relationships. She knew instantly several things about two different people in my life, and was aware that I already knew about some things.. She had proven her connection to me and her professionalism was outstanding, and did not leave me confused in any way. :)"

"just want to follow up, her prediction came pass , thank you Heart xoxoxox"

"As always she is very accurate she new what was gonna happen and uhhh it happen its funny how it works! her prediction did come true!"

"She read me and my boyfriend like reading a book! Her prediction came true in the past so I believe she will hit it again this time!"

"thank you so much really thank you since our reading I feel much better! I wrote that letter this morning and like 20 mins ago him found me and talked to me and wants me to meet him tomorrow at 1:00 I can’t believe this LOL I am so happy!"

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