In this reading, you can ask 5 questions of your concern. Please do be specific and don't forget to leave the first name if it involves another person, this will help in the channeling process. You may ask topics related to work, career and love.


The heart to heart readings are only for those that seek to know feeling types of situation on a love reading - which you should let me know once you order a reading as it involves channeling.

5 Question Intuitive Heart to Heart Reading

Price: $45.00

This item is sent via e-mail reading.

Delivers usually within 3 to 7 days.

Once you have sent the payment, please fill up the order details form here: click this.


In this method of reading, I use various tools of divination to work on your particular issue of concern. It may be related to anything personal going on with you – like love matters, career endeavors, etc. The tools I use will range into Tarot, Runes, Shamanism, Lenormand and Cartomancy combined, in this manner we will be able to give more in-depth and details to the reading assuring a huge accuracy for the reading.


This is how I usually do my readings even on live chat sessions, which is highly sought after by many of my repeated clients. Especially effective in love, heart to heart reading matters as it allows me to see through things that are usually not seen, it can also give answers to someone's thoughts and feelings into the situation.

Additional Details Required for this Reading:

Your Name
Your Birth of Date (optional, not needed but it helps in channeling)
Your Question(s) (please be detailed and specific)
First Names of People involved (if it applies to your concern)


No refund once the reading has been sent to you. The only time you may request a refund is when you the delivery date reached its limit and you still have not received your reading. Please contact me for any follow-up if you don't receive anything.