Virgo Monthly Horoscope – September 2020

Welcome to your September 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Virgo!

There is much focus and magic in the air when it comes to your partnerships, Virgo! This can be a very romantic time for you, or a time that keeps you wondering due to lack of clarity. With the opposition you are having with Neptune, know that the answer you seek won’t be resolve by looking for logic and reasoning. However, this month… slowly but surely, will bring in insights to you which were never present before.

With Mars Retrograde happening in your 8th House, this might internalize the Mars in Aries quality which can take a hit on you on a psychological level – triggering your past wound and trauma. Know that it’s okay to revisit but the past do remain in the past for a reason.

You may be wanting to involve yourself in progressive events and outcome but Mars does everything slowly, which can create some frustrations in you. Sexual frustration could be another factor that makes you very moody.

Don’t be afraid to express your truth to people who needs to hear what you really feel… show your vulnerability, it’s okay, Virgo. Something good might come out of it, too!

Either way, it will be a busy month for you, just keep in mind that if things don’t go your way, don’t force it. Let go and Let God, too.

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