Uranus Retrograde in Taurus – What it Means and What it will bring to us?

We all know that “retrograde” planets in astrology always means business. So what exactly happens when an outer planet that doesn’t want to be bound by rules, like Uranus goes into retrograde?

The answer is simple: ABRUPT CHANGE!

Uranus going into retrograde is not something new, in fact… it happens every year – as it does so 6 months in a year. The retrograde itself isn’t anything new – it’s the fact that it’s URANUS. The most unpredictable and erratic planet among them all! Not only that… but this 2019, Uranus just changed signs from Aries to Taurus and as a slow moving planet, it’s not like we have already settled in its energy – yet it goes retrograde and will create a huge bunch of aspects from August and September 2019 onwards. That alone… changes things.

During the time when Uranus was in Aries, the effects could have been disastrous and destructive, if it was on retrograde because it heightens our rebelliousness a lot more strongly. However, this 2019… UranusRx falls into just entirely to the sign of Taurus. So the changes may not occur in a very disruptive manner but, it still calls for change that either we initiate ourselves, maybe because something is not working anymore or due to some inevitable events that we cannot control, like natural disasters, etc. It is not an element where in we do the change because we have gone mad or crazy, there is a reason and purpose to things – whether we like it or not.

Imagine Taurus like a long standing tree that doesn’t want to move an inch, regardless of the turbulence that has been going on to its surroundings. The only way change will occur for that tree is some form of miracle, natural event or an outside force who can tend to it or bring destruction. So, when it goes retrograde… We know something is about to happen. Some form of shake up, changes and challenges are going to be felt and experienced.There is no stagnancy when such alignment occurs, most especially when it makes consistent squares and different forms of planetary aspects in the sky.

Just like any form of retrograde, it always has a purpose and this is to bring us to the past. It doesn’t do this to spite us or for us to literally go back to it, though… there is also a huge possibility for such to occur as well, but the real purpose is to let us slow down and let us evaluate if we are really on the right path. Uranus Retrograde creates scenarios and events that could stray us from what we are currently working on as its way for us to “slow down” and reconsider things as we move forward with life.

Due to the fact that Uranus is an outer planet and is highly connected to our own connection to the divinity, the lessons we might undergo and experience could be very important ones – leading to huge and impactful transformations that could be a prominent factor for our own well-being and growth in the process. Never trust anyone who tell you that because Uranus is mischievous would mean, Uranus would bring forth negative events – it really doesn’t work that way at all!

It is change – plain and simple. The changes are likely to occur internally at first but the purpose is for us to do internal work, to question ourselves and maybe to change something in ourselves to make sure we are in a path that we won’t regret in the long run.

With Uranus in Taurus, we are sure to see this more on a physical and material level as well. Unlike Aries who is an ever changing sign… Taurus has a lasting effect on things. It could be an element where in we change for good or an element of no turning back kind of situation. Taurus is the sign that puts value on things, at times very sentimental as well… which is why it usually doesn’t change and let go of things easily. So, whatever it is that has been stagnant in our life and whatever it is that is not working anymore will be put to a test and will be on its way to transformation.Whatever it may be that happens during those times… is not a change that happens by a whim but it happens for a reason, because it needs to happen – it has to happen! There is a form of timing involved to it as well, we can be sure however, it is always for our greater good.

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