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April 20 to May 21

Taurus is all about nurturing and preservation. The essence of security, stability, pleasure and comfort is very important to them. They can be very willful and stubborn – it is not easy to persuade a Taurus to move and act but you will be impress how kind, loving and loyal they can be, once they have set their mind to it. The foundation and traditions of life is very important to them and recklessness is not part of their portrait. 

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Earth & Venus
House Ruler: Second
Welcome to your September 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Taurus! With Mars Retrograde happening in your 12th House, this might give you fidgety feelings coming to the surface that allows you to be here to continue reading!
Welcome to your August 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Taurus! Being the sign of Taurus, what you like most is stability and security in all aspects of life. However, this month - things here to continue reading!
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