Readings by Krissy:

To order a reading, browse through the different type of services being offered that suits your needs. It is my hopes, wish and dreams that these readings that help, guide and give you insight and clarity you need for your personal situation. Many Blessings. Love & Light!

Email Reading Session

3 Question - $35 - click to order
5 Question - $45 - click to order

This reading gives you in-depth detailed information and insights regarding your concern with specific predictions.

This reading mainly uses various tools to do the predictions - sent via email.

Within 2 to 3 days waiting time.

Astrology Readings

1 Question Astro Reading - click to order
Natal Birth Chart Reading - click to order
Transit Future Reading - click to order
Your Solar Chart Reading- click to order
Election Astrology - click to order

This reading gives you astrological influences and highlights happening specifically for you and your horoscope.

Readings are usually pre-recorded.

Heart to Heart Readings

Heart to Heart Reading - $65 - click to order

This is a live chat 30 minutes session where you can ask anything you want and get immediate answers. With this reading, you can gain more depth and information and can ask on the spot for your concerns.

This reading uses various tools to connect and get information for the predictions. Chat readings / no face to face sessions.

Lenormand Readings

GT Lenormand- $50 - click to order
3 Quick Question - $35 - click to order

This reading gives you information and insights regarding your concern using Lenormand & Cartomancy.

The GT is sent out maximum of 5 days time, as a pre-recorded video.

The 3 question reading is sent out via email, usually within 24 to 3 days.

Predictive Re-Cast Method

Predictive Re-Cast - $55 - click to order

"The Re-casting Method" is my very own special way to do a predictive reading that raises up the accuracy that usually happens. 

This will use all the tools I use for my reading sessions to give insight and answer to your question of concern. 

Know more about the re-casting method by watching this video: here.

Cartomancy Readings

1  Question Cartomancy - click to order
3 Question Cartomancy - click to order
Sibilla Gypsy Card Reading
- click to order

This reading sessions are all sent via e-mail and uses purely cartomancy and sibilla gypsy cards for the predictions.

Note that most cartomancy readings are not suited for asking for "feelings" but more on predictions and concrete events. Expect the delivery within 1 to 3 days.