September 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

September 2020 is a month where anything can truly happen. There could be a lot of clashes, confrontation and explosive element coming to the surface of things. While it can be scary for the most part, I truly believe that whatever occurs for this month has its blessing in its own way and everything is happening for a reason, which are all necessary as we move forward with our life with a clean slate!

We start the month with a Full Moon in Pisces on September 02, 2020, this can be a starting point where sudden form of insight comes to us of what we truly want to do with our life as a whole. There will be an element of eureka moment and an element of confusion at the same time.

Since, it is still a Full Moon, this will give information and somehow shed light to us one way or another. Pisces, being the ruler of our feet… this can also manifest in ways we suddenly change our movements, change tracks, suddenly leaving something over another – having all of those fickle moments can occur as well.

There can definitely be a sense of loss since this Full Moon in Pisces, includes Mercury in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces all at the same time. The more we try to make sense of things in a logical way, the more things get blurry. It is definitely best to act upon our instincts during this time and trust our sixth sense.

On September 6, 2020Mercury moves in to the sign of Libra and this will bring our focus to what is just and what is right. Mercury in Libra wants everything in balance and harmony and this is what we want to put in place and in practice for the month ahead. On September 7 2020, Venus moves into the fiery sign of Leo, which can really help us put our feelings out in the open, making us very expressive and true to ourselves!

On September 9, 2020 we’ll have the most anticipated event occurring, which is Mars Retrograde in the sign of Aries. This can definitely internalize all the Mars quality and even though retrogrades doesn’t allow the planet to function in the way they should – it doesn’t mean they are going to be weak at all! In fact, all retrogrades can be quite feisty and strong because they are near to our planet, Earth.

I did talked about Mars Retrograde in Aries and how this will be affecting us on this video below, if you’d like to hear more about it… please give it a watch for more in-depth information.

The urges for impulsiveness can be strong, along with the energy of impatience and anger. During this time, it would be best we channel this energy in the right way to avoid conflict.

Fighting for justice and for what we truly believe are things that might come in place as well, due to Mars square to Saturn and Venus – creating a t-square. This means, Saturn will oppose Venus as well! There could be some stuff situation and frustration happening but with Saturn and Jupiter going direct this month, we might enter a situation that leads us to the right path in life.

A New Moon in Virgo occurs at September 17, 2020 and this might just be our starting point in fixing issues and correcting what must be corrected so it lines up to our higher truth for what is actually meant for us. It would be the time to ponder and give serious thoughts of the actions we have taken in the past and trying to resolve how we could have handled the situation. With the opposition of this New Moon to Neptune, sudden and fast decision making would be tricky. This is the time we give time and focus to our hopes, dreams and wishes – and to the things we truly longed for.

It is certain that clarity will not occur this month, but this is definitely a month where a sudden blessing can come to us as we ponder how we should live our life and to how we can correct and bring back harmony back in its place.

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