Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – September 2020

Welcome to your September 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Scorpio!

You’ll start feeling that a lot of energy are all about moving forward. What you weren’t ready to speak up before will start to go in flow, making you able to say what you truly want to say at the right time – thanks to Jupiter and Saturn moving direct in your 3rd House of Communication.

There could be things in your life that needs to get fix and reconstruct in order for you to move forward – it could be related with how you communicate with people or the relationships and commitments you have or had. It’s time to be more responsible and stop delaying things if you truly want to be successful and happy at the same time.

With Mars Retrograde in your 6th House, fixing loose ends and problematic things could be in focus. Make sure you are paying close attention to your health and not going overboard, too! With the New Moon in your 11th House, you might get in contact to new people that can aid you or you might renew some friendships that once already exist before. This time… make it right, Scorpio!

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