Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – September 2020

Welcome to your September 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Sagittarius!

A lot of things are being highlighted in your life, Sagittarius! Your finances, home life, emotional well-being, love life and happiness – all of these are experiencing various changes, so get ready!

You are coming to a point of aligning yourself to doing what makes you happy and at the same time, that gives you actual benefits. Though, it might feel complicated at first, and you might sense that your creativity is being blocked – as if something is at the tip of your tongue yet unable to come out and run free. Don’t get alarmed, you know that you have done what you could and everything will shed its light within the month for you.

You are in the right track and you should soon see the outcome of everything you have put great efforts on. While you are stepping up your game to a more mature life, you will also come in contact with people and acquaintances that will give you sheer joy and happiness. They might even give you clues to resolve issues that you never thought about before, so welcome this harmonious energy!

With Mars Retrograde, know not everything is about moving forward. Sometimes, the small bits and pieces of experience and the journey you have is what matters most in the end. Don’t rush into anything and know the value of gradual progression. There is something fulfilling that comes for you within the month and this is such a wonderful blessing!

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