Tarot & Astrology Reading


This is a combined reading using your astrological natal chart, tarot, oracle and cartomancy cards to provide the most accurate information to the aspect of your life that you are in concern with – may it be with your personal life, marriage, love or career.

This reading will answer at least 5 questions you have in different areas of your life. 


With the use of your natal chart, the transits playing a role in your current life situation in combination to tarot and other forms of divination such as oracle and cartomancy cards, this reading will be able to give you one of the most on point and accurate reading you can get along with the predictions that comes with it.

This is a combination type of reading using an element of psychic insights and astrology as a whole but do not confuse this as a regular astrology reading… the interpretations and information are not from any software, but will be done by me personally.

Don’t confuse this with a natal chart reading but treat this as a psychic astrology type of reading that is focused upon the major themes and question you have at this time.

*** You can ask at least 5 questions for this reading.

*** You will receive this reading via email.

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