Solar Return Chart – Astrology Reading


A solar chart reading is one of the most powerful and predictive methods in astrology to see what factors are going to play in your life the coming year – starting on your birthday. This allows us to know if you will have a more smooth sailing and easier year or will it be more turbulent. Knowing your solar chart allows you to see the major themes and influence that could occur in your life and allows you to make the most out of things to work with the planetary energies and not against it.



This is a very predictive method that covers a general overview on the major themes and influences that are going to take affect on your life, starting the year with your “birthday” – as part of a predictive method in astrology. With this reading, you will also get short overview and analysis on your “current” solar return chart to give you insight and understanding to the situations you are going through at this time.

For example: Your birthday is happening this November 2019 (the solar chart you get is for 2020 but we will also discuss what is happening during 2019 so you can see the correlation between them and get more insights along with it.

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