Predictive Reading (re-casting method)


If you want a reading with a high success rate of coming to pass… this is the reading for you!

You can ask 3 questions for this reading. Please know that the predictions you get from this reading would be highly accurate of coming to pass… based on experience and from my clients, the predictions on this reading session are usually almost 98% that comes to pass.

If you don’t want the truth or not ready… please think about it before seeking this type of reading session. As it will give you a huge confirmation on what is really to come in your life and situation. 


This type of predictive reading divination is what I call as a “re-casting method” that raises up the accuracy of the reading, making it highly accurate to occur in a person’s life and situation.

It is a reading I’ve been personally doing this for many years which I have been known for with my offline clients, as they basically go to me for this type of session. I would use all, if not, most of my divination tools to get information, guidance and prediction to a certain query to the get the most accurate result and outcome to what is to come – which most of the time really occurs and transpires on a person’s life. It is what I call a “guaranteed” outcome reading, though I still leave room for – unforeseen events. It is not any special type of reading, but if you are interested to know the truth – most of the time, in a re-casting session… all the messages will align in one direction, allowing us to get the information that is really going to happen and occur whether we like it or not.

Not every reader are open to do this type of reading as it uses a huge amount of energy, but I personally find it the most effective and accurate reading session that I use for myself, friends and clients as well. 

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