Natal Chart – Astrology Reading


A natal chart reading is basically a character and destiny blueprint that allows us to dive deep to the “promise” of your natal chart to your life. What are the potential that was given to you and if you are making use of it. What is your life journey and what planetary alignments helps and hinders you? It has been said that every individual benefits from such and their life totally changes by just having one natal chart astrology reading session – something you can definitely never regret!



This is a birth chart reading that will help you understand yourself a lot better. I will be discussing various important elements in your chart, in addition to going in-depth to least (2) themes you’d like me to focus on such as, love, family, health, career, marriage and life purpose in this life time – you can go specific as you can.

This reading gives you a blueprint not only of your personality but also with your fate and destiny is in this life time.

What are your talents, strengths and weaknesses? What fixed star are you born with and how will this affect your life? What changes can you do to improve your life or the current situation you are dealing with? These are few things we are going to commonly go through in this reading. 

A very powerful and life changing reading where it’s always recommended for everyone to take, at least… once in their life time, regardless who is the astrologer you choose to do the reading for you.

This reading will include the following:

A copy of your own birth chart that reflects accurately where it is situated in the sky, coming from Ancient Babylonian Astrology Software – not available in any free websites or other programs. (Some, charge a high price to even get a copy of their charts using this program, too! So, this alone is worth more than the price you are paying for!)

 Comprehensive detail analysis of your birth chart as a whole including any fixed stars that might be affecting you and discussing the various areas that is concerning your life.

*** You will receive a pre-recorded 60mins session of this reading.

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