Lenormand Grand Tableau Reading


GT Reading (or Grand Tableau) is a way perfect way to see what events that will come up for you in the future, whether it’s for your general and personal life, marriage, love and relationship or career. It’s a solid prediction method that gives us a snapshot on what to expect in a near or far time frame future as it is a time driven type of reading session.


Lenormand Grand Tableau is an ancient method of divination that gives us a snapshot of the bigger picture on things happening on a person’s life (or the area of focus based on their questions and concerns).

So much information and prediction can be done using this method and most of them are usually time frames that covers within 3 to 6 months or 9 months in the making. It can give hidden issues, insights on what is to come and gives warning for foreboding events, if it comes up as well.

Know that, with this reading… things that shows up in the reading, are only things that are seen as possibility that comes to your future. It may or may not answer the question you have at this time, but it predicts what is to come. So, accept the information and take advantage of the guidance it provides is the best way to make use of this type of reading.


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