Electional Astrology (starting major events)


Electional Astrology is part of the traditional predictive astrology method way back since ancient times by the Kings and Queens in the past to ensure success will be achieved. This is mostly recommended to anyone planning to do something very important and would want the best possible outcome from it.

Rule of Thumb: Timing is everything and every successful people knows this!

They know it for a reason… because it works! You don’t do things just because you want it or need it, you need to plan ahead and strategize when to implement it. Let the universe, planetary alignment support it to guarantee your success!



Electional Astrology is one of the most important part of predictive astrology. It refers to the art of choosing the best time to initiate various important events in your life based on the planetary alignments happening in the sky. This is a big part of ancient astrology to what ancient astrologers typically do for the the Kings and Queens to make sure they implement things at the best possible time to ensure success will be achieved from that specific time period.

This is very helpful to choosing dates when to have your weddings, business launches, important travels and negotiations, etc. I can look over for at least 3 possible dates for your important event and provide insights for auspicious times on those endeavors.

Note: Any surgical procedures whether for health, wellness or beauty procedures can benefit from this electional astrology. However, keep in mind that this is not a replacement for any professional and medical advised, especially when an urgent surgery needs to take place. All this do is to provides you, are the dates when to start and begin things to ensure that it leads you to a very successful outcome out of it. 

*** You will receive a written report and analysis to this via email.

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