5 Question – Email Reading


A detailed and in-depth reading, giving you answers and insights to your question with matters of the heart. We get into the details what a person feels about you, the emotions and energy going on in the relation and where it is heading in the near future. This reading includes the factors you need to understand happening in the situation and predictions to its future outcome.


This is an emphatic heart to heart detailed and in-depth email reading that answers issues in the matters of the heart – including predictions to where things are heading right now in terms of your love life and relationship.

This answers 5 specific questions you have – it may be related to one topic or not.

While it is essentially made for love readings, it is not limited to that topic, as it can give answers and insights to various areas of life – anything goes, regardless of what burning questions you are having at this moment in time.

Note: Your name and names of people involved are needed to be able to connect to the reading. No need for further details but if you feel that your situation is complex… a simple information would be enough, this way we can go over the reading in a more accurate manner possible.

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