3 Question – Cartomancy Reading


This cartomancy reading, answers “three” immediate concern along with a prediction. It is especially advise for yes or no concerns or what is soon to unfold on a given situation. Any issues you have, that can have a straight down answer can be done with this reading. It’s a personal favorite, if you ask me!


This cartomancy reading pulls 5 cards per question, which gives us insight and details to the situation at hand. It is combined with a set of Sibilla Gypsy Cards to give more detail and information to the inquiry.

You can ask various type of questions, for example:

  • Will we get back together soon?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Will this person – contact me?
  • What will happen…?
  • What does this person really think of me?

Keep in mind what cartomancy reading tends to be straight to the point and blunt, but at the same time… they are not made for “long term” type of readings. So, if something is not meant to occur yet in your life, it will tell you a negative answer but it does not mean that things will be doom and gloom – it’s just that at that moment in that, it’s just not possible. This is especially good for short term time frame readings, from days to weeks – anything immediate and relationship dynamics from the present moment are seen in this reading.

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