1 Question – Cartomancy Reading


This cartomancy reading, answers your immediate concern along with a prediction. It is especially advise for yes or no concerns or what is soon to unfold on a given situation. Any issues you have, that can have a straight down answer can be done with this reading. It’s a personal favorite, if you ask me!


This is a cartomancy reading that pulls 5 cards that gives us information about your question and concern. It is combined with a set of Sibilla Gypsy Cards to give more information and detail on the question being asked. This method is one of my personal favorites more than any type of readings, as the prediction tends to be valid and accurate!

It can answer a yes or no inquiry (with details) and can give an accurate prediction on the near future events that is about to unfold on your concern. Be mindful that for this reading, how you phrase the question is very important – to get an accurate answer for prediction.

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