October 2019 Monthly Horoscope – Emotional Outburst and Communication for Peace or War?

October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

It’s finally October, which means… Libra Season is here! The energy of love, peace, harmony, balance and justice will vibrate throughout the month. It’s going to be different from the usual “Libra” vibe as there is a mix of power and intensity that will come into play. Not just because of Pluto Direct which occurs on the first week of October, but we also slowly dive deep with the Scorpio energy zone as well and this literally – changes everything!

This isn’t just going to be about keeping things in balance but also being decisive with the decisions and actions we make as we strive forward to a goal we have set on ourselves. There are “karmic” and “fated” things in play with a mix of full blown effort and struggle, to attain perfection and stability in our life and our relationships as well.

Just as we welcome Mercury and Venus in the sign of Scorpio… which is all about finding out the truth and having honest form of communications. Mars suddenly makes an entrance to the sign of Libra giving us an element of confrontation to mend relationships and to correct things that are out of whack in our lives.

When Mars is in Libra, all our indecisiveness slowly vanishes away and we become more assertive. We may be moving forward in our own pace… but it’s definitely progressing towards the future. This can trigger people to either make peace or trigger wars and argument based upon their own beliefs of what is true and justified. Still, despite all that… it’s not like we suddenly shift into that energy and this is because Mars is still invisible – which means, it’s a combust planet. So, all of these things can be internalized or not effectively implemented – not until the end of the month, where Mars rises up and becomes visible.

Adding up the energy of the “all or nothing” type of outlook Scorpio is very popular on… this raises a question as we ask ourselves which side of the coin do you think will win this tug of war?

While all these intense energy are all building up on the surface… a Full Moon in Aries happens! This is a point when everything suddenly blows up out in the open and you are left with no choice but to deal with the circumstances at hand.

Every full moon tends to be an erratic but this full moon heightens thr energy on a larger scale! Be very mindful of your impulsive behavior and make sure you keep in check that you are not reacting to things in excessive and aggressive manner.

With the aspects it’s making to Saturn and difficult aspects to Mars and Uranus… it won’t be surprising to see the culmination of various consequences coming to life due to self-sabotaging behaviors. This energy can really bring something out in the open in a surprising and explosive manner – for better or worse.

There is so much activation happening on this Full Moon in Aries, even Venus creates a powerful and exact aspect to Uranus making things very unpredictable! Imagine combining intense fire and intense water – what do you think it will produce? It creates instability that may lead to combustion or extinction. One will have no way to predict the outcome of it as it will vary how you make use of the energy.

It could lead to something really, really good or really, really bad!

The energy we come across is more driven by emotions than logic, even if we deliberate and think about things… emotions is still going to win.

As we end the month and enter Scorpio Season, expect a huge amount of emotional outburst and emotional discussions. Fire and Water sometimes can make us feel warm, fuzzy and relaxed with things, yet if we let down our guard too much, things can get heated up and it will all dissipate – fast! Next thing you know, we already have created so much damage and explosion that things become irreparable!

We cannot choose one side of a coin as we need to respect both things. There is an element of respect coming into play which becomes an important element if you want things to work out and survive – especially with our relationships we have in our life.

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