Leo Monthly Horoscope – September 2020

Welcome to your September 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Leo!

You might see some improvements and good news in terms of your career life and this is a good thing, Leo! Just be mindful not to overspend as a result – just because you have more than usual. You will have the urge to take action, initiative and just go ahead to do some form of risky ventures.

While you may be triggered for these tendencies, it is advised not to be very impulsive with such desires without thinking about it carefully. Mars Retrograde in your 9th House will make you think about travel, desires and the bigger picture in life. This is a time to re-consider and re-analyzed the actions you have taken and whether they are truly lining up to the path where you truly want things to be.

You may find yourself attracted to foreign lands and venture in things you want to explore and learn… However, know that this is the time to be more careful and cautious. It is a good thing to learn, but not a good time to risk. Learning how to do some planning and making sure you are thinking carefully with things will benefit you most during this time.

Don’t get too excited for action and changing up your life… take things one step at a time. Know that rushing will not do any good, do your homework – strategize, study and find more information before making decisions to take certain actions.

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