July 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

July 2020 is here! This is a month of great importance, in fact… it’s one of the most important month of the entire year! Definitely, a powerful and impact month that creates a huge boost of beginnings for us!

The first half of the year has left a lot of us feeling locked up and devastated, allowing us time to chill, relax and maybe reflect on various things in our life. It has been filled with much air, water and earth – with no fire energy at all!

July 2020 breaks the ice on this as it begins the FIRE SEASON emerging out of the closet!

With Mars in Aries, this will slowly allow us to move forward with our life and what we may want to do and accomplish at the same time. The good news about this alignment is that, it stays with us until January 2021! We will definitely a lot of time to initiate, take action and see through the events that are going to take place in our lives! This will also slowly give us the feeling of being energetic and alive! However, this will occur in a slow moving pace as we just had a lot of retrogrades, recently.

Not to mention, we begin this month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of July, which will either gives us a trigger for change to occur in our life. This may happen in a very psychological level or on a very literal one that affects you in your day to day life. Since this is a full moon, we will acknowledge something, realized something and ultimately take action based upon each events that occurs for us, individually.

We are now maturing, learning from mistakes and moving forward!

Venus is now direct and Mercury will be direct on the 12th of July, making things a lot more smoother and easier, especially with our communications with people. However, we might still feel that we are not exactly there yet… and that is true, to a certain extent — simply because we are adjusting to the energies around us.

No matter what sign you are in and what element influences you more, you are going to feel the shift of energy as we move forward, take action and make some changes in our lives that are actually productive in nature.

We spent quite a few months in the emotional aspects of our life. We might be communicating how we feel or maybe, we are repressing them… One thing is for sure, we are feeling something and we acknowledge this. The previous retrogrades in Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer has made this clear. We are definitely functioning based on our emotions and feelings.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 20 will give us a “go” signal to take action based on what we have gathered, concluded and realized during the Venus and Mercury Retrograde.

The Sun enters another fire sign, Leo on July 22, giving us a boost of energy to push forward on what we really want to do and happen in our lives. Whether it’s something for ourselves or for our loved ones, there is no holding back anymore!

We will do the things we want to do and there will be no stopping us! We will take hold of our own future and this will set us free from anything that is holding us back! We will have the willpower to make changes and to overcome adversities that comes our way!

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