In The Stars by Krissy Wed, 13 Nov 2019 11:17:15 +0000 en hourly 1 In The Stars by Krissy 32 32 Solar Eclipse December 2019 – The Resurrection of the Dead Wed, 13 Nov 2019 11:17:15 +0000 On December 26, 2019, there is going to be a New Moon, in an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4° of Capricorn. This Solar Eclipse December 2019 is going to be very powerful as it gives us a glimpse of what we are bringing in to the entire year of 2020.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse comes with good fortune and blessings that can actually last for the long haul. It is not only in a conjunction to Jupiter, but it also forms a trine to Uranus as well. With Mars in a sextile to the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, this is giving us the energy that it is now the right time to take action.

This solar eclipse brings finality into the surface as if telling us…

We have done our research and it is now the time to implement things, finalize things and get things going and running. Whatever we work on during this time, can actually stay there for the long haul! There is no turning back, at this point! We become sure, serious and true to ourselves. We had our fair share of failures and disappointments – we have learned from it and from here on forwards, we are facing the truth head on… WE ARE READY!

The Solar Eclipse (Annular Solar Eclipse – not a Total Solar Eclipse?)

When the Moon darkens the ray of the Sun, a solar eclipse occurs… However, this time around, we have an annular solar eclipse and this means that the Moon is farther away from the Sun, leaving a ring of light shining through the eclipsed Sun.

In a nut shell, this would mean that the Sun will still emit direct light – not of the usual solar eclipse. Despite that the moon and the sun are in the same degree, we will noticed that that moon is smaller in diameter and this, is what makes the annular solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse December 2019 – Astrology Highlights & Predictions

December 2019 Solar Eclipse Astrology by Kristine Niu (Krissy Astrology)

This New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) gives a powerful influence in this Solar Eclipse. In the sign of Capricorn, it marks a time where we can create new beginnings in our life where Capricorn is in our own chart. This isn’t about being happy or feeling optimistic… but, it’s all about materialization and making use of our logical and analytical skills as we put in the hard work and effort in certain areas of our life – depending how this will play out for us on a personal level.

We want something to happen and with this alignment, we will work on something and even disciplined ourselves to achieve success to whatever venture or goal we have put ourselves upon.

The solar eclipse conjunction to Jupiter will have the influenced of Sagittarius and Capricorn in combination, so it will give an element of good fortune, expansion, prosperity and growth – all the good things that Jupiter brings. However, it can also bring a serious tone into things where discipline plays an important role – not just about taking a leap of faith, because that alone is just not enough anymore.

It is not about just believing in things, but the need to make something happen is strong, because we realized that how we have handled things in the past is not working. So, it is not about depending things upon fate… but it is that time where we take the driver seat and navigate the energy by ourselves.

We no longer want other people to control us and to dictate what goes in and out of our lives… we do something and we initiate things to make it all happen.

Let us not forget that Jupiter will become invisible as a result of this solar eclipse. (Read all about Jupiter combust by the Sun by clicking this link)

So, the energy becomes more powerful and erratic, especially if you are the type to do things overly too much – you might feel the negative effects of it as a result. When Jupiter combust is present… it’s all about karma from past behaviors, too. Something big can happen, and when such thing arises – this is Jupiter, after all.

With Jupiter and Saturn joining in together, a need for control and balance is crucially needed. So, this can either bring a sense of acting responsibly for many people and it can also bring a sense of feeling pessimistic and critical to others – it really depends which side of the coin you are in.

This solar eclipse will also trine Uranus in Taurus which raises the element of surprise, sudden revelation and insights that comes along with this alignment. This could bring a light bulb moment that gives us a sense of idea or clarity into a situation. With Taurus and Capricorn, this is something that has to do with a foundation, something that is already existing… and what we can do to make it work in an effective manner.

It might even make you wonder why you have never done this in the past… when everything is right in front of you.

With the supportive aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus, this brings the essence of hope and the opportunity to make things work out. It’s not about blind faith alone, but the practical solutions that comes with it, to get the real sense of hope which can come out as a positive blessing to us, one way or another.

So, What makes us happy? What will give us happiness? And what have you been resisting all these time or even months? This is a time where we are done running away and we just want to be true to ourselves. There is balance of emotions that surfaces during this time… It could be that we are ready to face the truth to a long standing situation, to confront it and maybe, to find our own happily ever after in the process of things, too.

Mars sextile Saturn, will push us to the limits as we take action, after trial & error, after all the analysis & research we have done. Mars in Scorpio will makes us take action & with Saturn in Capricorn, this is about getting to the goal and seeing things through the end.

We are definitely, ready! Our desires are now coming to reality!

Solar Eclipse December 2019 – Fixed Star & Asteroid Influence

This Solar Eclipse will be under the heavy influence of the fixed star, Polis – a fortunate star, that gives truth, success, high ambition and keen perception. Mars also will conjunct the fixed star of Agena, giving a promise of success and happiness with a touch of refinement, morality and honor. It is also related to scandals, self-sacrifice and expression. Last but not the least, this solar eclipse will oppose the asteroid of renewal, Aesculapia.

The asteroid, Aesculapia, has its name coming from the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius, the son of the Greek god, Apollo. It is the symbol of miraculous healing, cure and resurrections – including the ability of bringing people back to life.

This can signify strongly that… something that which you think has died, done and over, suddenly… comes back alive! With the strong association to the “snake” it can tell us that events that may occur comes with a risk – there is a thin line between poison and cure and the need to be accountable to the things we do are highly emphasized. We need to act responsibly and we cant just waltz in and out of things just because we feel like it.

Predictions for All Zodiac Signs – WHAT HAPPENS FOR YOU?

ARIES(10th House) [Hanged Man and 5 of Cups] – There could be realizations and regrets you are experiencing at this time, which will force you to take things a little bit seriously this time around. There is a decision you need to make and maybe, there is something you need to clear out, too – for the purpose of clearing your name, reputation of how other people see you or your career.

TAURUS(9th House) [Queen of Pentacles and The Empress] – Coming from a negative situation, you will find answers how to proceed with your life. You will receive the fruit of all the hard work, hard experiences you have been through and this time around, you are wiser. You will begin things in your life that may bring bountiful results – this time, in a way that will work and that is more effective. You have learned from your mistakes – patience will be rewarded and you are ready for more expansion and growth in your life!

GEMINI(8th House) [7 of Swords and Knight of Pentacles] – You may get out of a crisis situation or you may also enter a crisis situation in your life. Your integrity with how you handle people, your resources and work can be tested – morality, ethics and professionalism are at stake. This is not the time to be shrewd, else you might enter a long term problem in the future. However, this is also a time where you will find an escape hole to an existing problem. You might earn a lot of money but it comes with effort and hard work. Be mindful you are not being targeted by con artist in the process, too.

CANCER(7th House) [3 of Wands and 2 of Wands] – You have been patiently waiting for things to happen, and this could be the time where things finally make a shift in your life. Harmony and alliances will come into harmony back into your relationship sector – whether it’s career, friendship, love and romance… a new beginning takes it place! A relationship you think is over, might make you realized, it still has a lot more to offer – there are fortunate events that comes along, giving you a sense of happiness.

LEO(6th House) [6 of Cups and Queen of Wands] – You may start doing something you have already done so in the past, it could be some form of work and service you were in before, that you want to pursue again. It can happen and you might think it is your calling. You also need to be wary in dealing with people from the past that creeps up in your life – maybe a form of gossips or people talking behind your back can come up… there will be a need for you to deal with this and say the truth and clear things up once and for all.

VIRGO(5th House) [Queen of Swords and The Magician] Someone could be entering your life that will bring you a sense of joy, excitement and happiness all at the same time! There will be a lot of communication and manifestation that comes along with this… think carefully, what do you want to attract in your life? What kind of a lover you want – you might just attract them! Some form of wish fulfillment might be in the air for this! All delays and restrictions are over and you want to strive to make something happen now!

LIBRA(4th House) [8 of Wands and The Hermit] – Your feelings and emotions are going to get a sense of renewal as if you suddenly get revitalized over something. Something is about to begin in your private life as if… the universe is granting your wishes into reality. You could be reviving an old relationship or you might just see an outcome of a situation you have been holding on to… the past few years or even months. Where are they leading you? Does it have any future? Regardless of what comes through… it will give a sense of enlightenment. You are recovering from a difficult situation!

SCORPIO (3rd House) [The High Priestess and Knight of Cups] – It’s time to communicate your truth! You will either receive a news or maybe, you are the one delivering this news to someone and it involves the delivery of insight and clarity to a long standing situation. Learning from mistakes of the past, you are now ready to express and tell everything you know to resolve a situation. There could be revelations that could arise with your every day life, which could have profound developments that can lead a successful venture.

SAGITTARIUS(2nd House) [The Fool and Temperance] – This could be a time where you may start to implement an idea in earning more money for a more stable income. There could also be a reconciliation and coming into terms with some form of support you have in your life. Maybe you are about to make a decision and you might choose the path that leads to a more harmonious state to what will benefit everyone involved.

CAPRICORN(1st House) [Death and 8 of Wands] – You might receive a sudden news which could be related to a family affair, marriage or some form of status quo you have in your life and relationships. This could require some form of transformation, you could be changing things or are forced to change things due to the fact that old ways and habits are not working anymore. This could be a change or improvement of your appearance, personality and energy vibration regarding how you want other people to see you.

AQUARIUS (12th House) [Knight of Wands and Knight of Cups] – You might suddenly find yourself quite emotional during this time. There could also be someone from the past that comes back into your life or you might initiate some contact or connection regarding a person or circumstances in the past. You are acting upon your urges and what you are feeling right now. What gives you satisfaction and contentment in life? Who gives you that feeling and what makes you feel this way? Whatever it is or who it is… you might be unlocking the doors in reaching out to that moment of your life again – because it’s what makes you feel alive. You are done regretting things!

PISCES (11th House) [9 of Wands and 2 of Pentacles] – You have been uncertain regarding a connection with someone you used to connect with… you might take action to re-connect with them. You are wanting answers, you might be deliberating… but you may be fed up trying to force control on yourself. You have been resisting trying to talk and connect to someone you care about. This could be the time where you finally reach out! This will also make you reflect if you made the right decision regarding a previous connection in your life… there is hesitation on a previous decision. You might also reflect if you have been in the right path all these time… your belief system is being tested and you are going to correct things and do something to balance everything out to bring back harmony in this area of your life.

If you like to take a more in-depth look into your situation or would like to have a private and personal reading consultation, feel free to check our my services page. I do heart to heart love readings and astrology readings, giving you insight and clarity to your situation.

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Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn for November 2019 – Structure in Relationships Needs to be Followed! Sat, 02 Nov 2019 13:02:30 +0000 Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn gives focus and attention to relationship structure and order in a very powerful, strict and very disciplined way.
This can be especially intense when things are out of balanced because the drive to always fight for what is right and fair is VERY STRONG!

Mars (action) in Libra (harmony, love and beauty) is very refined and graceful. It’s doesn’t act upon impulse like how Mars usually function, when it’s in Aries or Scorpio. It can be quite passive, but when triggered and opposed, it will lash out like a tiger!
With the square to Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) in Capricorn (order, structure and determination), this gives highlight in following through to what has already been discussed and planned – no leeway, no adjustments!
It is unavoidable that we experienced confrontations and arguments with people around us. It can be stressful and some may find it a bit toxic, but this actually has an element of productivity to it, simply because it makes us face situations head on – no beating around the bush, no fluff, no hiding or manipulation involved.

Mars in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

The energy also gives power to our inner desires and urges within us. Our willpower becomes strong, but always with a sense of purpose.
Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn in a nutshell is… there is always a reason to the action and decision we take no matter how powerful, drastic and intense it may be.
The common situations here is that… when things are smooth sailing, it can feel really good and harmonious but when things are met with sudden changes and unbalanced situations, the energy can be so strong as if there is war taking place.
It can be scary, stressful and frustrating… but when you take another look on things, you will find that the things that are happening in your life is fairly acceptable. In this harsh, modern world and society we live in today… you will find that these events that could and will take place, are ones that are – just, and the right thing to do.
When you think of it that way, you can never tell yourself that the world is an unfair place to be in, because this alignment will correct things and bring things into balance as it once were before.
It is a matter of… are you in a place of righteousness or are you in a place of malicious manipulation and delusion?
There is nothing to fear when you can be proud with the things you have done and the things you still do, especially if you are coming in a place of righteousness and integrity. However, if you have been doing secretive, manipulative and immoral practices in different aspects of your life, then this could be a time where you might have to face the karma and consequences from the things you have done in the past and still do… in the present.
This energy easily relates to power struggle, but know that, there is nothing to be afraid of because, justice is definitely going to be served and we will see the influences of this energy all around us.
My favorite thing about this alignment is how you can make things happen. You can make it work, there is determination and willpower to succeed. You can build something, you can create and re-create things. Let us not forget that Capricorn values tradition, history and things of the past… what was once clogged and blocked off before, may find itself unclogged through overcoming things and persistence to pushing through achieving what we want to happen and manifest in the world which can lead to a very happy and fulfilling outcome for eveyone involved.
So… this alignment isn’t really bad, it had its good side to it, but it does take some hard work and a dose of experience to make everything a happy ending.
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New Moon in Scorpio: The Rebirth and Evolution that came from PAIN and SADNESS. Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:34:45 +0000 The New Moon in the sign of Scorpio is going to be intense, explosive and so much magnetic! Not just it’s because it’s Scorpio… but the alignments and combination in the sky is really adding up with a whole lot of intensity that we have never experienced before – for better or worst!

Imagine, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. We just had a Full Moon in Aries which is also ruled by Mars. While most astrologers ignore every little changes “big planets” make in terms of transits – the situation now is different. He just went direct, along with Saturn and Ketu and is making big impact triggering Mars in the sign of Libra. Not only that, but Black Moon Lilith, decided to enter the mix to join in with Chiron, too! To top if off, this New Moon is going to oppose Uranus!

I don’t know about you… but I don’t even think I even need to spell it out to tell you how crazy this energy is coming to be – not just for me, but for each and every one of us!

The question right now is … “IS IT A GOOD OR A BAD THING?”

Let’s get real… that is really what we are all concern about. Truth be told, I’d say it depends… it depends on a person’s natal chart and horoscope. The effects will differ.

The only thing I can tell you… is that this will either be VERY, VERY GOOD or VERY, VERY BAD – that is something I can definitely guarantee!

This New Moon in Scorpio energy is going to occur on October 28, 2019 in a direct opposition to Uranus – exact aspect, which makes it a lot more strong and intense. With Uranus electrifying this energy, we can really create massive changes in our lives that can bring shocking events and surprises.

(Take this with a grain of salt – remember, the effects can be both positive and negative, we are not just dealing with Scorpio energy, but Uranus as well!) It is highly dependent where Scorpio is on your chart.

  • 1ST HOUSE – Wanting to change something with ourselves and with how we deal with our commitments and partnerships that can shake things up, which brings both excitements and challenges at the same time. Suddenly you find yourself wanting to change everything, which can cause a lot of expenditures in the process.
  • 2ND HOUSE – Having a desire to drastically make a change of appearance – mostly within the face and hair area, to how we look and present ourselves in a way that we think that makes us more confident with ourselves. This can make one suddenly be very attractive and eye-catching, getting the attention of many people! You earn money and use them all up – for a reason as such.
  • 3RD HOUSE – Be very careful not to drive so fast and be impulsive with your travels, day to day life and how you communicate with people. It’s so easy to fall prey into things and have problems or sudden upsets, but this allows you to engage in socialization to meet different types of people in the process. Remember, indiscretion can be your enemy. At the same time, this can make you have the power to stand up for yourself and confront people.
  • 4TH HOUSE – Suddenly finding yourself dabbling with the occult and practicing spiritual, occult and other metaphysical things at home There is also a sense of need for great emotional security and you’ll have the urge to fight for this. This also intensify your investigative skills and finding secrets that are at home or within a family and even marriage.
  • 5TH HOUSE – You become an initiator to share and express your truth of the things you know to be true, either in a very occult or manipulative way, to other people and you get noticed by it – like an astrologer, a teacher or researcher wanting to expose things. You may also suddenly instigate movement from people or get oppressive and shocking reactions out of them which can lead to some problems. This can also make you be very sexual and have a tendency to have a need for sexual intimacy all the time and, if left unsatisfied, you might suddenly give your attention elsewhere.
  • 6TH HOUSE – This can create emotional intensity to you and you express this to people, associates or in your work life. This can make you have an interest with the mysteries of life or suddenly finding yourself doing something you are not supposed to do – the forbidden things. Sudden ups and downs in work or health can come up as well which will require you a great amount of stress and hard work in the process to fix things as Uranus will be in the 12th House. On a positive side, you might just have the need to use a lot of your time to having intense workout – as the alignment can help you lose a lot of weight and make your health and body really strong in the process.
  • 7TH HOUSE – Your relationship life is going to experience a lot of changes which can be good or bad, because big part of the scenario is going to be triggered by you. You either enforce something in the partnership that allows things to get better or you do something in that relationship that triggers things to fall apart. This can trigger separation, break ups and upsets – definitely. You can also suddenly enter a relationship but attracting a very “Scorpio” like person in your life – very possessive, manipulative and complicated type of person which can be suffocating and hard to deal with for a long-term basis to some people, as it will lack stability to last. A sudden change can occur in your relationships from sudden lost to a sudden gain as well.
  • 8TH HOUSE – This will make you wanting to crave for sexual intimacy that can really make you not just feel good out of lust, but that can really make you feel alive. On a negative aspect, you need to be careful as this can highlights problems through sex, especially related to your sex organs (if you are engaging unsafe sex routines) so, be really careful. This can also be about finding out some deaths with the people that are close to you – possible but definitely not indefinite. Most importantly, this can trigger a lot of “secretive” things like doing detective work on someone, stalking them or just wanting to find out things, backed up by a form of passion and real sense of emotion to it.
  • 9TH HOUSE – This can make you be very serious with your own thoughts and beliefs in life and you might express this to people that are around you – in your day to day life, maybe with your siblings or family members as well. This can suddenly make you very interested to the occult and supernatural side of life. You might suddenly find an interest to astrology and study them in the process or reaching out to people that are related to them. You learn from them and adapt it in your day to day life. You suddenly have the urge to travel or explore things rather than to treat things in point-blank state of mind.
  • 10TH HOUSE – Your reputation and career life can have ups and downs but you can also be recognized by a lot of people in your career. This can be a great opportunity to either be promoted or recognized by a lot of people or your peers both in a positive and negative manner. There could be great transformation about to occur for you in terms of your career and how you are seen by people, especially by your peers, co-workers and family members as well. Know that promotions and sudden losses can go hand in hand together in this placement.
  • 11TH HOUSE – You find yourself interested in groups that shares the same values, beliefs and intensity. This might make you instigate in creating a social network that is related to such things that gives you a sense of power and confidence with these set of people as a whole. You can receive and gain money and be able to manifest something that is related to your hopes and dreams at the given time. However, it can also create struggles, ups and downs in terms of your social life, associates and people that you know as well. You gain some and you lose some, is probably the appropriate word for this.
  • 12TH HOUSE – This can highlights the things in your private life that you may be trying to hide or keep hidden and maybe you are trying to ignore it but it’s coming out in the surface to be noticed by you, which can be very emotionally explosive in nature, especially if you have been repressing yourself with what you truly feel and desire in life. This can trigger you to do something behind the scenes that allows you to express yourself in a very honest and real manner, at the same time, in a very animal instincts kind of way. You might also want to talk and confront an ex-lover and work around issues related to your relationship with them. This can also highlights your pessimistic, vindictive and revengeful nature to people, if it’s being influenced on a negative aspect in your own chart and horoscope.

This new moons are all about new beginnings, ventures and opportunities that are about to occur and manifest in our lives. There could be sudden deaths, sudden revelation that comes. Our intuition gets really strong at this time so, it’s wise to really trust that! This new moon, also gives emphasis on everything that is related to Scorpio – which is all about sex and its morality issues, death, rebirth, the occult, astrology and a lot of those taboo and really deep stuff that Scorpios are known for.

Risk is another factor that is strongly playing out with this new moon, but I highly advice to keep it under moderation and try to re-think about the decisions you make before implementing them to avoid pitfalls.

Mars is in a quincunx to Neptune, which can really trigger our sense of feeling giddy, erratic, unsettled and impulsive. This can have a lot to do with our desires we want to have and be fulfilled but we may not be getting it… so we unconsciously try to do things to shake it all up to achieve something out of it. This is an element where people tend to do things without really thinking of its consequences.

There is an energy of power play that makes us feel in control and confident with ourselves and the things we do and what we want to do. Lilith and Chiron in the sign of Aries really gives a factor on the things that were left unsaid, left undone… we want to finish those loose ends to gain power and control back in our life.

This can be a very liberating as this energy will really free us from the shackles that is binding us. Lilith and Chiron really speaks volumes on the pain, betrayal and suffering we have encountered and endured… and what we should do about it this time around. As it makes a trine to the Venus and Mercury conjunction… there could be things we are willing to talk about this time around.

A willingness to find out the truth and speak the truth… to tell someone what we are really feeling, what is inside our mind and heart.

Yes, it’s going to be intense. It’s going to be crazy… but it’s also making people come out of their closet – to be more honest with themselves. To heal people who are broken and to mend relationships and give closure to that chapter of our life… so we may move forward.

Again, I say… this is a time we can awaken ourselves into something and we may just take action to make something happen, trust me, it will lead us to an evolved better version of ourselves… for better or worst.

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October 2019 Monthly Horoscope – Emotional Outburst and Communication for Peace or War? Mon, 07 Oct 2019 04:37:55 +0000 It’s finally October, which means… Libra Season is here! The energy of love, peace, harmony, balance and justice will vibrate throughout the month. It’s going to be different from the usual “Libra” vibe as there is a mix of power and intensity that will come into play. Not just because of Pluto Direct which occurs on the first week of October, but we also slowly dive deep with the Scorpio energy zone as well and this literally – changes everything!

This isn’t just going to be about keeping things in balance but also being decisive with the decisions and actions we make as we strive forward to a goal we have set on ourselves. There are “karmic” and “fated” things in play with a mix of full blown effort and struggle, to attain perfection and stability in our life and our relationships as well.

Just as we welcome Mercury and Venus in the sign of Scorpio… which is all about finding out the truth and having honest form of communications. Mars suddenly makes an entrance to the sign of Libra giving us an element of confrontation to mend relationships and to correct things that are out of whack in our lives.

When Mars is in Libra, all our indecisiveness slowly vanishes away and we become more assertive. We may be moving forward in our own pace… but it’s definitely progressing towards the future. This can trigger people to either make peace or trigger wars and argument based upon their own beliefs of what is true and justified. Still, despite all that… it’s not like we suddenly shift into that energy and this is because Mars is still invisible – which means, it’s a combust planet. So, all of these things can be internalized or not effectively implemented – not until the end of the month, where Mars rises up and becomes visible.

Adding up the energy of the “all or nothing” type of outlook Scorpio is very popular on… this raises a question as we ask ourselves which side of the coin do you think will win this tug of war?

While all these intense energy are all building up on the surface… a Full Moon in Aries happens! This is a point when everything suddenly blows up out in the open and you are left with no choice but to deal with the circumstances at hand.

Every full moon tends to be an erratic but this full moon heightens thr energy on a larger scale! Be very mindful of your impulsive behavior and make sure you keep in check that you are not reacting to things in excessive and aggressive manner.

With the aspects it’s making to Saturn and difficult aspects to Mars and Uranus… it won’t be surprising to see the culmination of various consequences coming to life due to self-sabotaging behaviors. This energy can really bring something out in the open in a surprising and explosive manner – for better or worse.

There is so much activation happening on this Full Moon in Aries, even Venus creates a powerful and exact aspect to Uranus making things very unpredictable! Imagine combining intense fire and intense water – what do you think it will produce? It creates instability that may lead to combustion or extinction. One will have no way to predict the outcome of it as it will vary how you make use of the energy.

It could lead to something really, really good or really, really bad!

The energy we come across is more driven by emotions than logic, even if we deliberate and think about things… emotions is still going to win.

As we end the month and enter Scorpio Season, expect a huge amount of emotional outburst and emotional discussions. Fire and Water sometimes can make us feel warm, fuzzy and relaxed with things, yet if we let down our guard too much, things can get heated up and it will all dissipate – fast! Next thing you know, we already have created so much damage and explosion that things become irreparable!

We cannot choose one side of a coin as we need to respect both things. There is an element of respect coming into play which becomes an important element if you want things to work out and survive – especially with our relationships we have in our life.

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Planets Combust by Transits – What really happens? Fri, 04 Oct 2019 16:51:52 +0000 A combust planet in astrology is a phenomenon that occurs when a planet gets too close to the Sun. The metaphor used by most astrologers here is that, due to Sun’s ray of light, any planet that comes to close to it gets burned and becomes invisible.

Now, this is a very debatable subject that is interpreted differently by many astrologers. What I am going to be sharing here is from my own practice, experience and research based upon the effects of combust planets through transit not combustion through your own birth chart or horoscope, so please keep that in mind as you continue to read on this article.

The main reason I decided to share this is to give awareness to people as combust planets really makes a difference not just on a collective level but in our everyday lives as well. Many astrologers would often talk about combustion, but it’s mostly relating to combustion through your own natal chart – not really by transit. And, when some few does talk about its effect by transit – it’s still relates to the effect when it’s combust natally.

By transit, when a planet is combust, there are two factors that usually occurs. It’s either they lose their power and significance or the planet becomes enraged due to the oppression it gets from the Sun. So, what sign the planet is in becomes at that time of combustion is a crucial factor to consider, if the combustion is indeed becoming weak or are they being mad and too strong to control like a rebelling child in its adolescent years.

The common denominator here is that, they are both not going to work in their own natural nature but I believe it would be wrong to conclude that it will be harmful and not beneficial.

When Mercury is combust by the Sun – Mercury combustion to the Sun is not a very surprising thing as it’s something that often happens as it is the closest planet to the Sun.

Sun is “God” and Mercury is the “Messenger” – getting news, insights from above.

In greek mythology, this is like Mercury having a conversation with Zeus. This has an element of a lot of internal work, considering things, making plans and reflecting on various things and situation which could be both related to the past, present and future. So technically, it is not really the best time to implement things because there is always a chance that what you are planning may not work – you might even change your mind later.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that it is acting like a Mercury Retrograde – not really, because it is a case by case basis. It also matters how close the Sun and tight the orb is towards the planet. In most cases, it’s easy to notice how sales easily drop during this time. I have notice some friends and clients of mine would have literally, zero sales – often happens especially when they are ruled by Mercury, itself. Practically speaking, I think just knowing if there will be a combust Mercury is a big help for many business owners to be able to plan ahead on what they can do so they can be more prepared when the actual event occurs.

When Venus is combust by the Sun – A Venus combustion by transit is always not happy, simply because Venus likes to shine and feel good about herself. So when it’s combust, there is a tendency to feel ugly and have a low self esteem.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and pleasure so, it’s very important for this planet to feel good and special. When it’s combust, sometimes not only it makes a Venus ruled person feel low but can also make a person quite pessimistic. This happens regardless if you are Venus ruled or not but it’s most especially potent to those who are Venus ruled, because they will feel and experience it, a lot more. Sometimes it acts as a depression, but depending on the alignments happening in the sky – it will eventually make us want to take action to what will make us feel good.

So, there is a frustration when Venus is combust… but it’s not a doormat, it will definitely rise up to things and do something to shine and be beautiful once again – even in its combustion stage.

When Mars is combust by the Sun – Mars combustion is always agitated, from my experience this is the only planet that when combusted alone, is highly depended on what sign it is in. Sometimes this can manifest where the usual energy and robust of Mars is weakened and at times, the combust Mars is very infuriated where it is labeled as mad and angry. So, it technically does not mean Mars is not becoming Mars but it’s becoming out of control planet, especially prominent for those people who have a lot of mars-type of quality. The impulsiveness, reacting and acting harshly and aggressively becomes strong.

There is always a major twist of elements when it comes to combust planets by transit, because it also differs when one, two or even three planets enters its combustion stage. It always gives a different element of result. I have noticed that the planet’s term and dignity place an important factor as well.

(You might need some basic to intermediate astrology knowledge to understand what I meant, but basically, it gives an element of influence to the planet itself which is why it has an important role, especially when checking transits, etc.)

Most often than not, when the combustion happens by transit – the planet that was combusted by the Sun becomes a lot more prominent, meaning it reacts more. It’s rarely becoming less powerful, in fact… we might notice that we might doing more Mercury, Venus or Mars related things – despite the combustion, though the overall result of that action we’ve taken cannot be analyze nor predicted in a general manner. Again, case by case basis – a lot of factors are involved and to be considered but for the most part, it’s not harmful because, there are times when it is something necessary that pushes us forward to take action, where in we would often not take any action.

When Saturn is combust by the Sun – Saturn combustion is one of the most interesting things, in my experience… interesting does not always mean good, it’s just the fact of the matter that Saturn is also a God but of a different nature to the Sun. He is known as the God of Time, Cronus. The effects of this combustion will depends how a person sees things…

For example: If Saturn has always been oppressive to you, then you might notice that you will be able to have a sense of freedom during its combustion because the restriction it initially gives you has a lesser grip now, which can be liberating so some people.

In other cases, people can find a Saturn combustion very scary and destructive as well because it will feel like living in a lawless land or country – it doesn’t really make people feel safe and secure. In this time and age, this can manifest in a way where, there’s a lot of crimes that could occur because Saturn is not acting in its dignified state. It’s easy to get robbed, hit and run type of scenarios, etc… Remember, Cronus is also known to be the god that swallowed his own sons upon their birth – so there is this element of disgrace and shameful habits of people coming up as well.

When Jupiter is combust by the Sun – When Jupiter is combusted, there is an element that we are being tested by God. We are tested with our own beliefs and a test of temptation. In my study, this is really when it is a wise thing to do to be more careful of our own actions. It is not like Saturn where in, things can be triggered by people in our environment. When Jupiter is combust, there could be an element of doing something that could be self-sabotaging as a result. The best analogy that I can give here is to think of the Sun as the source of power that gives a boost of energy to the planet that comes near to it. So, it’s technically not really a bad thing, but just like in medication, when we overdose a drug, it’s never good for us. In worst scenario, we will have a lack of control on something, ’till it blows and burst up.

This is exactly what happens when a planet is combusted and because the nature of Jupiter to give us some form of lesson and to teach us… we tend to experience things in such manner, that can be somewhat of harsh experiences and lessons as a result of our own action. The tendency to feel we are not protected is felt and people who are given to temptations and doing things that are immoral are prone to act in such a way that can give them some form of disgrace later on. Jupiter is about expansion, luck and absorption. It takes in everything. It swallows everything without a regard whether it’s something toxic and poisonous or something healthy… it’s also to lose faith with God during these testing times, which is why the actions we take during a time when Jupiter is combust must be taken in careful consideration. If we acted mean and cruel to people in the past, we become vulnerable to attacks, in case some people try to harm us. It has that element… people may do things over the top to a point of exaggeration. I have noticed that a combust Jupiter at times, can create a very huge impact on a person’s life even after the combustion itself.

I would say, there could be an element of fate and destiny type of scenarios that influences things in our lives, but it is something I am still considering at this point.

What is very clear to me is that, combust planets are not invalid planets – like some would say. It’s not a matter of not to do this or not to do that… but it’s very crucial to know that combust planets acts best behind the scenes and is never suggested a time of implementation where in you are desiring some form of concrete results. This goes regardless of the planet of combustion happening in the sky. A combustion is not like a retrograde, though it may seem like the effects are similar… but no. In fact, a combusted planet can at times, produce more lasting and staying results contrary to a retrograde for good or bad it may be.

The Sun gives awareness into things, so when a planet gets closer to it… the planet that was combusted becomes an area of focus in our life – whether it’s playing out in a way that is detriment or beneficial to us. It gives power to the planet regardless if it’s helpful or not and this is why it’s very crucial to get an astrologer to take a look on the chart first, before making a predictive judgment because the effects differs and one can’t give an end result to things just because they know that certain transiting planets will be combusted.

Last but not the least, I’d like to add the that… depending on the combination of the planets combusted, it can say a lot to what the influences we might experience as a result. If they are not too close to the sun, yet still combusted… there are cases that it can give a good amount of productive results, which are beneficial and life changing – especially if it lands in a specific area in a person’s chart. It can have some importance to the path they have in the future, which mostly has a positive nature to it.

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Uranus Retrograde in Taurus – What it Means and What it will bring to us? Fri, 04 Oct 2019 16:27:33 +0000 We all know that “retrograde” planets in astrology always means business. So what exactly happens when an outer planet that doesn’t want to be bound by rules, like Uranus goes into retrograde?

The answer is simple: ABRUPT CHANGE!

Uranus going into retrograde is not something new, in fact… it happens every year – as it does so 6 months in a year. The retrograde itself isn’t anything new – it’s the fact that it’s URANUS. The most unpredictable and erratic planet among them all! Not only that… but this 2019, Uranus just changed signs from Aries to Taurus and as a slow moving planet, it’s not like we have already settled in its energy – yet it goes retrograde and will create a huge bunch of aspects from August and September 2019 onwards. That alone… changes things.

During the time when Uranus was in Aries, the effects could have been disastrous and destructive, if it was on retrograde because it heightens our rebelliousness a lot more strongly. However, this 2019… UranusRx falls into just entirely to the sign of Taurus. So the changes may not occur in a very disruptive manner but, it still calls for change that either we initiate ourselves, maybe because something is not working anymore or due to some inevitable events that we cannot control, like natural disasters, etc. It is not an element where in we do the change because we have gone mad or crazy, there is a reason and purpose to things – whether we like it or not.

Imagine Taurus like a long standing tree that doesn’t want to move an inch, regardless of the turbulence that has been going on to its surroundings. The only way change will occur for that tree is some form of miracle, natural event or an outside force who can tend to it or bring destruction. So, when it goes retrograde… We know something is about to happen. Some form of shake up, changes and challenges are going to be felt and experienced.There is no stagnancy when such alignment occurs, most especially when it makes consistent squares and different forms of planetary aspects in the sky.

Just like any form of retrograde, it always has a purpose and this is to bring us to the past. It doesn’t do this to spite us or for us to literally go back to it, though… there is also a huge possibility for such to occur as well, but the real purpose is to let us slow down and let us evaluate if we are really on the right path. Uranus Retrograde creates scenarios and events that could stray us from what we are currently working on as its way for us to “slow down” and reconsider things as we move forward with life.

Due to the fact that Uranus is an outer planet and is highly connected to our own connection to the divinity, the lessons we might undergo and experience could be very important ones – leading to huge and impactful transformations that could be a prominent factor for our own well-being and growth in the process. Never trust anyone who tell you that because Uranus is mischievous would mean, Uranus would bring forth negative events – it really doesn’t work that way at all!

It is change – plain and simple. The changes are likely to occur internally at first but the purpose is for us to do internal work, to question ourselves and maybe to change something in ourselves to make sure we are in a path that we won’t regret in the long run.

With Uranus in Taurus, we are sure to see this more on a physical and material level as well. Unlike Aries who is an ever changing sign… Taurus has a lasting effect on things. It could be an element where in we change for good or an element of no turning back kind of situation. Taurus is the sign that puts value on things, at times very sentimental as well… which is why it usually doesn’t change and let go of things easily. So, whatever it is that has been stagnant in our life and whatever it is that is not working anymore will be put to a test and will be on its way to transformation.Whatever it may be that happens during those times… is not a change that happens by a whim but it happens for a reason, because it needs to happen – it has to happen! There is a form of timing involved to it as well, we can be sure however, it is always for our greater good.

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